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What is Physikoi?

In Classical antiquity, the Presocratic philosophers were called physiologoi (Greek: φυσιόλογοι; in English, physical or natural philosophers). Aristotle called them physikoi ("physicists", after physis, "nature") because they sought natural explanations for phenomena...

Wikipedia, "Pre-Socratic_philosophy"

Physikoi (pronounced fiz'-ik-ee) is a research journal for students, grades K through 12. Physikoi is designed to fulfill the last step of the scientific process.... publishing. Science curricula across the country teach the scientific method but always leave out the last crucial step of passing on new knowledge to the rest of the world. The concept of knowing something before the rest of the world is a powerful motivator, something we attempt to leverage in our quest to keep students curious, and by definition, life-long learners.